Sex in the North

Sex in the North

Dan told me that he and another friend, Zvika, were coming for a weekend in the north and were planning to take a room in a hotel and bring some glasses as they would have done When I told her she was crazy and would not hear about it, the debate over the subject continued for three days until one day the neighbor from downstairs came to talk.

She told me that she had found a thong that did not belong to her and when she asked her husband he told her that it was Ash’s When she returned home she saw the thong on the table and immediately realized that she had been caught with her panties down, and she began to cry, to plead and said that she was horny madly and did not know what to do because I was not there for her and I would forgive her.

Orit raged and begged me not to go with them, but as far as I was concerned it was too late. I went up to her and kissed her and told her that I had to get some air and if she wanted to, she could find me in the Netherlands. When I got to the hotel room I saw that everyone was already there. The plan was to drink until evening and then go out to the pub to look for glasses.

I went to take a shower and when I was leaving Dan told me that someone was waiting for me in the room. I went into the room and saw Orit sitting on the bed with a glass of wine in her hand. She was wearing a tight black leather skirt with black pantyhose and a white lace shirt without a bra, you could see her nipples through the cloth.

The top two buttons were open, creating an amazing cleavage. I told her she had to leave and we already had plans, so she started to unbutton the other buttons slowly and said there was no hurry and she could be our bartender for the evening. Orit went to the refrigerator to bring beers, and when she bent down, Minnie went up to reveal a thin white thong that made us all remember.

I asked her to do a little striptease for me and the company. Orit began to lower her skirt slowly and remained with her thongs, pantyhose and open shirt. I grabbed her and put her on the bed, took off her shirt, and began to lick her nipples, like the two friends sitting and watching us from the side, drunk already. I continued to cackle her and called Dan to take off her thong. Dan approached and pulled the lower one down and revealed a well-groomed glass with hairs shaped like an arrow toward the clitoris.

He started to get off her and I put her cock in her mouth to suck. Zvika could not hold back and went to bed. I took the cock out of her mouth and told her to suck at Tzvika. I went to the shower and fetched baby oil. I took the oil and started to oil her butt hole while I gently push my finger, insert and take out and see her little hole slowly expanding.

I put some oil on the cupola and started gently pushing the cock into her ass, each time a little more inside until it all came in and then I started knocking as fast as I could, I heard Orit trying to groan but with Zvika’s cock in her mouth it was hard for her.

I told Dan to get under her and push his cock into her glass. We started to screw her both at a crazy pace, Orit took Zvika’s cock out of her mouth and released a shout that woke half the hotel guests. Soon after that I broke her ass into a stream of hot spilling. Zvika pushed his cock into the hole of her ass and he and Dan screwed her together, I saw that Orit was finishing like she did not finish – she never got a cock in the ass and a glass together. The whole bed was wet from her glass, and you could see in her eyes that she was in another world right now.

Zvika took her cock out of her ass, grabbed her by the hair and splashed her on the face, and only Dan continued to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Dan has a huge cock and has always taken him a long time to finish. I told him to fuck her ass so he took out his cock, sat Orit in a Doggy Style position and tried to push it into her ass.

I helped him lubricate the hole for her, and by force he managed to push it to her, and fuck her as he went and picked up the pace. I saw the look on Orit’s face and I knew that she was very suffering and every time Dan came in and took out she felt she was torn.

After fifteen minutes she did not have the strength to shout, Dan took out his cock and splashed her on the back. Orit lay completely torn on the bed without the strength to utter a word. I looked at her and knew she’d got what she deserved!

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