My stepmother and my sister

My stepmother and my sister

Oren is 23 years old and recently completed his BA in economics. He has a big sister, Sarit, 26, who lives alone in Tel Aviv and a little sister, Tali, 14. Since Tali has recently grown up and her body changes, Oren is harassing her to change her wardrobe and buy clothes of a slightly larger size.

They left work early in the morning and left Oren in charge of the house, and Oren, who had to leave for work, left Tali alone at home and asked her to call him on the phone if there was any problem. Nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to discover, Oren came into the house, and when he approached Tali’s room she heard a grocer He opened the door and was in shock from what he saw: his sweet little innocent sister lay naked on the bed with a guy with her head buried between her legs and a second guy with her dick in her mouth and sucking with pleasure.

All he could do was peek through the gap in the door and feel his cock stand up like a missile, and Tali groaned and told one of the guys to suck her harder, the guy was buried in her glass licking her lips and sliding two fingers in and out. He discovered his name, Rami, when Tali shouted to him not to stop alive and the name of the other guy, Kobi, when she told him how delicious his cock was and how she wanted it inside.

Oren started rubbing his cock when he saw Tali putting all of Kobi’s cock into his mouth. Oren did not believe that his little sister sucking like this is only 14 years old! Tali moved into a Doggy Style position and Rami stuck his cock into her dripping little pussy and began to fuck her harder and faster. Oren did not believe he saw these two guys fucking his little sister and all the juices from her glass dripping onto the bed.

Rumi sat on the edge of the bed and Tali sat on his cock facing him. Kobi emerged from behind her and began to push her fingers into the hole of her butt while Rammy fucked her. Kobi put her cock in the back and they both started to screw her together. Oren continued to watch how in the next 10 minutes the three groans, most of the groans came from the clay she received in both holes together. Oren finished straight in the pants and not much after him Tali finished with a loud shout.

Then it was Kobi’s turn that spurted a hot stream straight into her ass. Tali took Rami’s cock out of her just as he was slapping her face. Tali licked all the seed from her face and swallowed it with lust. Suddenly Oren heard Otto parked, he ran and peered through the window and saw Sarit’s car, his great brotherhood. Oren did not know what to do because he was responsible for Tali decided to hide in the parents’ room as if he had not yet returned home.

He listened as Sarit advanced toward Tali’s room and after a few minutes of murmuring, he decided to check on what was going on. When he crept up next to Tali’s room he peered again and felt the cock in his pants rise. He sees Sarit lying on the bed and Tali sits with the glass on her face, Kobi starts pushing the cock slowly into the pink, shaved pussy of Sarit and Tali sucks to Rami the cock as if not seven.

Oren, who did not know what to do, burst into the room and shouted, “What the hell are you doing?” Everyone was stunned, and Oren grabbed Rammy by the hand and threw him out of the room. Immediately Kobi took the clothes and ran out. “I can not believe my sisters are such whores!” Oren said. If you want me not to tell the parents you need to do me a little favor, Oren said, and approached the bed on which Tali and Sarit lay.

Oren started to lick and suck Oren’s balls, Oren groaned with great pleasure, and after a few minutes he took the cock out of Tali’s mouth and splashed her and the lash on her face. Seconds later Oren turned toward the door and saw his parents standing stunned at the door with disbelief !!!!!

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