Tethering- Bonding

He had a huge cock, big, fat with a wide and beautiful skullcap … Only on this I could think at this moment …. I rarely find one I can not fight and almost never let them win … well , He won … He took the victory to a completely different level … It did not take him long and my hands were tied … Pious handcuffs clasped my hands firmly on both sides of the bed board … I could not move! . My heart was filled with fear but I felt my glass begin to get wet .. I did not believe I was letting it happen ….

He was in complete control … knew what he was doing … With these thoughts my pussy started dripping completely … I fought him, I did not want him to stop my legs and reveal my tremendous excitement … But it did not matter anymore, he already knew! … His hands are very strong … He held my right ankle … Then on my left … And easily Many of them spread my legs … tied them to the bed … under these ties he could see me in many ways … I did not stop shaking … so hot …. I could not control everything, I loved it .. … so primitive … I wanted him to take me … to take me … already I thought I even shouted at him … He did not pay attention .. I was all his ..

I shrank all over and trembled terribly passed through me … He ran his hands along the chest … playing with my nipples .. continued towards the stomach .. leaving behind a fiery path of Fire along my flesh … I begged him to stop playing … He grabbed his fat cock .. He pulled him down hard on my thigh …… cm from the glass that wanted him so … I whined and cried and longed for .. He passed the skullcap of the cock around my glass … Watch my whole body twitch. He began to touch his lips soaked … He smiled at me .. I blushed … I had nowhere to run. I had nowhere to escape, I was his. .. He began to move the dome along the groove … m Up and down … down and up … pushing the thick dome between my hot lips …

I moaned with pleasure … but he took it out again and put it on my stomach … only this time it was all wet from my love juices … My whole body was flooded Of pleasure … He sent a finger and began to play with my clitoris … I exploded with pleasure … I pulled the handcuffs that tied me … I groaned … All my warm fluids ran down my thighs … slid on the bed .. I saw in his eyes that he was a whore I … I wanted him … I begged … I asked … groaned … I screamed … his hands squeezed my breasts … pinched my nipples as he rubbed his huge penis against my thighs … he tried to make himself want me as I did I want him … I felt lost without him He wanted it inside of me

… Finally I broke down, I began to cry .. When he saw the tears running down my cheeks .. He knew it was time … He approached me sensuously .. I looked at his cock on his way to the hot cup that was waiting for him only .. I breathed heavily … I screamed with pleasure … finally his sense of filling inside me … Within a few seconds a huge orgasm I had not experienced in my days exploded inside me … His hands are slapping on my thighs .. I find it hard to keep up with him .. Imprisoned … unable to move .. … My frustration with helplessness overwhelmed me when I felt his peak was approaching …. His balls were knocking on my ass ..

My body was thrown with the bed every time he pushed the cock into me .. I knew he was ripping me hard … stronger than Which many others were able to accept … but I needed it .. I lived for that .. He pulled out his cock and started to masturbate on me … splashing volleys of boiling seed on my stomach .. I finished again … I felt the hot ejaculation His … Our juices mingled together … He sighed a final sigh of delight in my ears …. lay down on me …. I felt just free from ever

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