Nice day at the beach

I smiled at her answer and told her that she was lucky she was waiting for me and now we could go. I invited her to my apartment. When we arrived, she sat in the living room on the sofa, and meanwhile I turned on the radio. I came to the couch and sat next to her. Before I could say a word, she picked up her t-shirt and showed me her push-up bra. I looked at her attractive cleavage and wanted to tear her clothes off and fuck her. But I held myself and all I did was kiss her and stroke her neckline. I threaded my fingers into my bra and pulled out one of her breasts.

Her nipple was especially thick, and the moment I saw her I stuck out my tongue and licked it. At that moment my cock stood up like a missile. I also took the other breast out of my bra and put my face between her two breasts, oh, what a feeling… Meanwhile she opened my pants, moved my panties and with my hand wrapped my cock. After a few seconds I felt that she was crushing my balls, it was a bit of pain but more than that it was pleasant and stimulating. I gripped her other hand tightly and held it behind her back. She tried to let her go but I did not let her. Always when I’m with a girl, I like that bit of control. I want the girl with me to know she’s with a strong man and not to be wrong for a moment-I’m the one who’s in charge. I kept her hand behind my back and enjoyed the massage she gave me with eggs and a cock.

nice day at the beach

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