Fun at the railway

Having fun near the railway

She sat up with one leg up and the foot on the chair handle. All her glass was bare and I saw wet spots on the chair seat, between her legs. I moved closer to her, grabbed her foot and held it close to my mouth. I bent down to kiss her and put her toes into my mouth and sucked them. I stroked her leg until the caresses reached her hip. I stroked it and my hand was wet with all the secretions. I grabbed her waist and pulled her forward so that her ass would be at the end of the chair. I bent down and spread her legs.

I put my head between her legs and began to lick her glass. I tried to insert my tongue deep into the glass but it was so wet, I did not even know how deep I had come. I tasted all this wetness and did not want to stop. I sucked as much as I could and swallowed.
I put her lips into my mouth and sucked them.

I wanted so much sex with her after that I moved my lips from one another with my fingers and licked her clitoris. It took me a few seconds to find it but as soon as my tongue touched it I began to lick it with circular motions. I went on and in the meantime she grabbed my head and began to scratch my hair with my nails. Then she went to the home front and began to scratch it for me. I felt so good from this pain, who would have believed me to be a partner for such a hot fuck at a train station!

I did not even know her name, but I was not interested either. As I got down to her, I looked up once more and enjoyed looking at her breasts. She held her nipples between her fingers and played with them. Then she wrapped her breasts in her palms and began to feel them up and down, up and down. After a few minutes I got up and slid my cock inside. I fucked her hard. We kissed passionately and she wrapped me in her legs. I felt the cold from her feet in my ass.

I almost exploded and decided it was time not to hold back and let everything out. I finished in the glass and she sighed loudly as we kissed. I kept screwing her hard until all the spit came out of me and my cock was not as hard as before. Then I took the cock out of her and laid it on the carpet. She lay down with her back and crossed her legs. I bent over and began to descend. A few moments passed before I felt the taste of the abscess that had just come out of me and I was immediately disgusted and stopped.

I saw that she was disappointed so instead of going down I put her two fingers into the glass and let them run wild inside. After a few seconds, I took out my fingers and slowly slipped in so as not to hurt her. I saw she had no problem with it and she really enjoyed it, she began to moan at the top of her lungs and feel her breasts. I moved my fingers in her pussy for a few minutes.

Then I put the thumb from the other hand on her clitoris. I stroked it and my thumb slid in all directions. After a few seconds, I felt her clitoris swell, swell, until I heard her yell and her body writhed and her muscles shrank as she orgasm…
She screamed and squeezed her nipples for a few seconds until the orgasm passed. You took your hand out of her glass and just then my cock started to stand again. Without waiting another moment I pushed him in to her wet glass. I leaned against her and held her breasts while I fucked her for the second time.

I felt currents pass through my body with desire. We both sweated and clung to each other. I completely forgot about the stains on the rug from our riot and we kept screwing.
I closed my eyes and was glad I chose to take the train and not the buses because otherwise I would not know this girl … I breathed heavily and continued to fuck her … I did not know I had it, suddenly I was an athlete for everything. What luck I chose to take the train and not the buses … well done to the Israel Railways!
Fun at the railway

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