true story that happened to me

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This is a true story that happened to me last summer. I am a (pseudonym), 23, from the center.

Sexy, shapely body, under good and relatively small tits, height 80 meters.

On one of the hot Saturdays, my husband suggested we go to the beach in Bat Yam and meet up with a friend (pseudonym) – thin, tall and handsome and another friend.

We’ll sit like this in fun and drink and I’ll tan. We arrived at the beach and the friend said she couldn’t come.

The three of us sat, ate, drank one van Gogh. We were at the top of the round.

And I was so horny!

In my past I was quite a sexually ill and tried lots of things, and also part of the sodo community in the country… but everything pretty much calmed down once I got into a relationship with my husband ..

Let’s go back to the story: I turned my head completely, out of green.

My husband does not smoke, so I streamed and smoked only me and my husband’s best friend … I was already the opposite of everything and sweating.

I really had to get into the water, because I had very hot and satla swords.

We decided we would take turns – one will keep things going and two will go into the water.

My husband (my 90-year-old brown husband with an amazing fuck) came in, I started to get a little sleepy in the water.

I was dead having sex but he was finished and tired, said he was going to replace him and he would keep.

Here my boyfriend replaced my husband … a little laughter, water and he tried to drown me.

All his touches freaked me out and I felt how huge he was!

I knew we were far from the beach and I frantically confessed to him and brought him by the hand.

We were back at the beach and my husband is broken and sick and I’m still horny and dead to get my husband’s big dick already.

The friend said he would bounce us home and I suggested that he already rest with us in the living room to ride because he also drank full.

We came home my husband and I were so horny and had crazy sex.

Suddenly the friend came in and said he had a Viagra.

The cock of both is upright, thick and big as I like!

At first, I sucked in and my husband kept breaking up my wet strawberries – all of them.

They both fucked me so hard and broke me in turns every time.

And it was so delightful and sexy to feel that for a long time I ended up full of times and they broke me in every way possible.

I moan so loudly and the whole building sure heard me!

For the first time in my life, I got double penetration in both holes – it hurt but brought me to crazy orgasms that I didn’t know existed.

They ended up on me and went in for a shower, really that sex I have seen only porn to date.

To this day, it’s our kind of secret and my husband and his boyfriend pretty much broke up over time.

I will never forget that sex

I’m going to steal my father’s pajamas

I’m going to steal my father’s pajamas

True, he was white with rage or disappointment. One less. That one, you settled his account quickly, well done. Bravo. You will not see him again, he had yet look great with his kepi and his barrettes officer. If he did not understand, the French army is badly barred. And he did not know where to go.

I asked them to shut up. They continued to laugh. They assured me that if I had really loved it, I would not have treated it as anything less than nothing.

– Even a dog does not surrender so brutally, concluded Gilles. His visit bothered you so much?

“I like when you know how to decide,” said Raymond. You will not regret it, I am here. You could have packed it in the trunk, we would have laughed? He could have slept in the car, while I was doing you good under the tent. Ah! I imagine the scene. Your cuckold listening, me filing and you screaming your orgasm. He would have understood quickly. You would not have needed to chase him, he would have gone off on his own. Tonight I’ll make you your party, you deserved it.

Aurélie gets loose before disappearing discreetly:

– Always the same topics of conversation, it flies under the belt. For once, your Raymond is right. Your cuckoo was right. I agree: You do not deserve to see Adrien again, he is too good for you. But you will regret it. It’s something else than your womanizer. By the way, the girls had to sleep in pairs, did you say, and your Raymond had the hope to make love to you in the sleeping bag? You paid for my head. It’s clean.

– Hush, not so hard, I already blundered enough. Their sarcasm brought me back to reality. They highlighted my lack of knowing how to live and especially the cruelty of my attitude. I forgot the organization, I doubled Marc, I parked on a sidewalk. I passed all the papers to Sylvestre, I told them to go take our seats and wait at the campsite. And here I am. What a jerk I am sometimes. Do you think he loves me enough and he can forgive me? Where is he ?

– In my bed he would be very happy. By chance for you, I was too slow and he is not in love with me. Too bad, I would have loved it. He is in the living room. Will it be ok? You find your minds? You better show yourself nice, very delicate. The game is not won. You have been null, arched null.

– Adrien, my love. You are the ? How happy I am.

She jumps on my neck, gives me that kiss full of love that I hoped for when I arrived. She repeats to me what she has said to her sister, and that I have heard, while watering a great deal, begging me to forgive her conduct, the unworthy welcome, her lack of tact. The others are in the car, with the exception of Raymond made furious by the U-turn. At her request, she placed him in front of his house with his belongings.

All the better, he had urged her to leave, had made her lose her cool and cause the irreparable.
I have the right to be angry. His left hand holds my neck, the caress, the right forefinger walks on my chest, point my heart, his eyes implore my indulgence. To reassure me and to convince me she uses her best weapon, a new kiss. She came back, she kissed me with passion, long, eyes in the eye. I go back, find the desire to love him. From the darkest misery, I turn to bliss.

– Say, Adrien, you still love me, you will always love me, you want me? You came to tell me, that’s it ?? I broke everything ?? You made this way to talk to me, I did not know how to listen to you. Me, I love you, I beg you, forget. The annoyance due to the delay, the surprise of your arrival at the time of departure, the repeated calls of others made me fart a lead. You are not answering me. You do not want me anymore?

Yes, I have a problem. This Raymond cuckoo would he have taken place under his tent? But how do you talk to him? And without having the answer to this question, I can not decide my life with or without Laura.

– You’re upset, I feel it. It’s normal. Give me a chance to redeem myself. There is a free place in the car, come with me, let’s spend these twenty-four hours together. It will be wonderful. And you’ll tell me tomorrow or another day if you want me as a fiancée. I’m going to steal my father’s pajamas, you’ll swim in them and there must be an old tracksuit. We’ll manage. Okay ? You have a question ?

– Yes, where am I going to sleep?

– Under my tent, of course. I do not scare you? Unless.

– In Raymond’s place?

– Ah! I see. You imagined that Raymond and I were going to share the same tent because he was sitting next to me in the car. Think again, I had a particular intention for him and I told him he would sleep with Sylvester. It made them moan, but that was the rule, if he wanted forgiveness! You must believe me. Come on, come on, Emilie and Gilles will get impatient. One minute, I take the necessary for you and we go there.

You recommended me to live normally

You recommended me to live normally

It is a small street perpendicular to two important arteries. In front of the pavilion park two cars with roof galleries loaded and covered. Laure, I recognize her decided pace, close the trunk of her Peugeot, makes a sign with her hand to Aurelie, goes to her door: she is preparing to leave. I call, she stops, turns in my direction, sees me. She does not run, just waiting, shows no joy as I go, but leans in the car and speaks to its occupants. I hear the last sentence

– I’m asking you for five minutes.

Finally she takes three or four steps in my direction, drops two quick kisses on my cheeks, leaning forward, keeping the distance:

– Adrien, what are you doing here? You did not have to come before three or four weeks. You should have warned me: Within seconds we were gone. I organized a trip with friends, we will camp at Lake Madine, we will spend the night and come back tomorrow afternoon.

I made the reservations, all planned on the spot for the meals and the leisures: Sailing and games. I’m sorry, but what to do? I can not let down friends. You understand ? Will you still be here tomorrow between 4 pm and 5 pm?

– Hey ! Laure, we’ll be late, shouts one of the occupants of the first vehicle.

The five minutes generously granted seem too long. I embarrass others, Laura is embarrassed. I’m worth five minutes.

– Yes I’m coming. You see, everything is timed. I would tell you to follow us. But you have not planned anything, no tent, no toiletries, no clothes for relaxation. Really, my poor Adrien, I’m sorry. You recommended me to live normally.

– Laure, hurry up shouts a girl’s voice.

A young man occupies the front seat next to the driver’s seat, leaning over to see the importunate. Beautiful kid, athletic, in the twenty five years. The other vehicle is also occupied by two couples.

– And then we only have four tents. Otherwise Aurélie would have accompanied us. Ah, did you want something?

In turn the front passenger shows up to hasten the departure.

– I received your letter, it made me want to see you. I improvised a permission and I arrived without being able to prevent: excuse me for having delayed your departure. You made me an offer, I wanted to give you my answer orally, with explanations. But it would be too long. Have fun.

– You could at least tell me if it’s yes or no.

– Go, they get impatient. Maybe another time.

I go back to my car.

– Adrien, you’re going without kissing me? See you tomorrow, if I manage to come back before you leave. I’ve got to go. Go quickly, a kiss.

Chaste kiss sent on each cheek. 8 days ago, she kissed me so hard. His letter promised me paradise, a night of endless love. I watch her board. A hand takes mine, it’s Aurélie, the little one s’ur.

– She is angry. The others arrived late, they loaded in speed, got tangled brushes, had to undo and reload the gallery. Marc and Sylvestre, the twins, have two left hands. Their girlfriends Léa and Marie find them unequaled qualities. Do not worry long which ones. This is not a reason to let you down. But nervousness does not justify everything. Laure is not in a normal state. Excuse the.

I have big on the heart. She has good, the little s’ur. The nervousness has good back, indeed. But this coldness! But the little insistence to know the answer to his question! It was she who accosted me, who applied for a union, who was considering canceling all her activities and who, there, only allowed me five minutes or less. His behavior is incomprehensible. She made fun of me, she does not love me.

– Adrien, I offer you a coffee and a piece of cherry pie. I prepared it. You have a minute, come in. I’ll show you pictures of Laure. In his place, I would not be gone or I would have made you a place.

– You heard, they only have four tents for four couples.

– Ah! You think like me. I told him. She told me that the girls would sleep together. You speak ! Four tents, four girls and four boys. Oh ! Excuse me, that does not mean that Laure is going to sleep with Raymond. And even, under the same tent, it does not mean that?

His backwardness full of delicacy does not convince me. What is the point of torturing one’s brains? Laure forgot me, replaced. Often woman varies, mad is who relies on it. You have to be caught to be learned. The die is cast. My heart is sad to die. But I will recover. The pie is undoubtedly excellent, but does not want to go down, the coffee has never seemed so bitter.

Tongue against tongue

Tongue against tongue

She had landed as an amazon on my legs. To kiss me she twists his chest, I have one hand in his permanent and the other in his back, a finger on the link of the bra: I want to ensure his balance but also show him my desire to participate in sharing some pleasure. Like an eel she escapes the embrace and finds herself straddling my thighs, puts his hands on my ears and takes possession of my lips with renewed ardor, back turned on the screen.

In my head an angel blows “it is not done the first day” and a demon whispers me “carpe diem”. It’s too good, I give in to the little devil. Laure has felt my resistance, she pushes her advantage, blocks my head, opens her lips and sends just between mine the tip of a clever tongue.

It tickles, I give a passage, the tip is passed, the rest follows. This is another first. Tongue against tongue, in my invaded mouth, indulges a delicious fight. My tongue tries to limit the invasion, his slips between cheeks and cheeks, visit the inside of my lips, triggers chills, pushes against mine, slips below, above, goes to the assault of my tonsils, in perpetual motion.

I rebel, resist, fight with rage, push back his tongue, pursue it into his mouth and give me the investigations learned the last minute, I taste his saliva, intoxicated me in my turn. My hands slipped from his back, involuntarily grab soft flesh, I cover her breasts, knead them for a long time, before realizing that I am doing this “that is not done the first day”. To the angel it is Laure who answers “It’s good, do not stop”

She must have decided to take the decision on the first day. With skill she blasted the buttons of her blouse, cleared her two breasts and delivered them to my impatient hands. The kiss is interrupted to give me free access to his chest. Am I too slow? His hand grasps my neck, pulls my head, guides my lips to one breast. I am the infant, rolls between my lips the hardened tip of the nipple, I suck gently.

Laure stifles a groan, presses on my neck. She has two breasts, I owe the second the same homage curious. This appetite makes me lose all my complexes, my assumed sucking, I realize the result of the accumulation of discoveries and sensations: at the bottom of my belly, the bow has stretched, the arrow wants to escape .

Honey, it’s so good, said the burning mouth to my ear. Laure tells me that to her despair, she is settled. The little string that came out of the shirt had informed me. But if I allow or want, she can bring me manual or oral relief. I give you the raw content of prudent periphrases intended to suggest more than affirm, very odd in comparison with the acts we have been doing since the beginning of the film.

I greedily resume my mouth and perfected with conviction the art of kissing. It’s good and it silences the temptress full of resources. We must not confuse silence and inaction, I learn when a hand comes to tease the revolution in my pants. This time it will cause damage! I finally find an ounce of energy to claim better conditions for such an important act.

In order for her to yield, she must have heard not a refusal but the promise of a future meeting, in short the expected answer since her application. Beat the iron when it’s hot, she gets along. I was jostled by a tornado, I took my pleasure and forgot my plans.

Fortunately I am saved by its temporary unavailability. She accepts an evening meal in a restaurant that will cost me my last savings, she does not need to know. I’m going to have at least a month in front of me to sort out my ideas and bail out my wallet with spending restraints.

During the meal, we look at each other, we exchange our views on marriage, on fidelity in a couple: in all respects it shares my ideas. That I do not worry, such Penelope she will wait for her Ulysses, and to start she will cancel all planned outings to wait for me wisely. I am insulting myself, fidelity is a disposition of the heart, I would be unhappy to deprive her of healthy distractions or the frequentation of her friends.

The wait does not have to be a four-year Lent. She will have to continue living normally, perhaps experiencing temptations and measuring her resilience. I will apply the same rule if at my next permission I make a commitment to her.

I do not ask anyone to share my opinions. The girl who will not agree will pass her way. I came across the rare pearl if I believe Laure. We leave each other with difficulty.

Always accompanied by girlfriends and surrounded by a boys yard

Always accompanied by girlfriends and surrounded by a boys yard

But yes, you always had good memory. Obviously I changed, but I’m glad you recognized me. Yet at the time we were rather competitors than friends. For years I’ve been trying to beat you in the standings and when I did, I was proud. This emulation was great.

– Yes, that’s the reason for the resonance of your name. You really changed and I would not have recognized you. It’s that you’ve become a very beautiful young woman, if I can afford a compliment.

– Thank you. So would you agree to spend some time with me?

– But willingly. Let’s sit at this terrace. Can I offer you a drink?

What did this attractive creature tell me? While I had attended school in public institutions, college and high school, her parents had enrolled in a private institution of good reputation, and since the end of the third I had not rubbed, seen or met outside holidays.

Always accompanied by girlfriends and surrounded by a boys yard, she seemed inaccessible to the left boy, uncomfortable in his body in full growth that I was then. But in his way of provoking an interview, I found his direct way of addressing his entourage.

– Compliment for compliment, I think you have become a handsome young man. This uniform and your kepi are going to delight. You are military and graded?

– If it is the uniform that caught your attention, enjoy the sight quickly, in three months I will have finished my military service. After the reserve officer school I was appointed second lieutenant. But what do you become?

After the baccalaureate she prepared a bachelor’s degree and hopes to enter teaching at the end of the IUMP in one year. After which she will found a home with the brave boy who will want her. I knew her more directly in the playground to designate the boy she liked. I had never been that elected. And I did not suffer. She will have no difficulty in finding a husband.

– And what will you do when you leave this beautiful uniform my second lieutenant? It’s a shame, it suits you so well.

– They say “my lieutenant”. But you forget that title. This is fortunately a temporary situation. Call me Adrien or I’ll tell you “miss”
I was admitted to a business school and plan to leave in three years with an interesting degree to start a professional career. And like you, I hope to meet one day the woman of my life to found a home.

– Because you’re still single? Do you have a girlfriend, a fiancee? No ? So, look no further, the woman of your life is before you. You remained the workman, a real fighter, but you took the insurance. With or without a uniform I think you’ll do a great job. I apply.

I am very flattered. But she is not serious. Or she is cracked! Beautiful and radiant, she can not be single or the boys have gone crazy! She certainly has a friend or a fiancé, a bed-mate as the student custom now requires, the opposite is inconceivable. I feel the trap, I look for the hidden camera and accomplices who will arise and laugh if I bite the hook.

But his eyes! Ciel, what an actress she seems sincere, waiting for an answer. For me the attack was so strange, so fast, so unexpected, so implausible. I am stunned, I remain incredulous, unable to find an immediate and adequate response. The proposal does not meet my expectations. I’m not insensitive to the charms of young girls, but my wedding project is not current. In four or five years, not before, when I have enough to support a woman, I will have time to think about it.

If tomorrow a beautiful girl tells me that she wants to make love with me and it will be without result, I will grant him satisfaction, I will caress her, perform as desired the figures of kamasoutra, I lick her pussy until To ecstasy, I will not forget any part of her body, I will massage her, I will take her, I will give her pleasure. And as agreed we will say goodbye or goodbye. I am willing to help and enjoy each other. I’m waiting for the amateur, but I do not promise the marriage.

Finally, the opportunity has never presented, it is easy to fantasize, the passage to the act is not obvious and it is also more likely to provide a prudent retirement or escape!

But make a definite commitment today!
Laure is beautiful, unsettling, but what fly stung her, why does she throw herself at my head? If it is sincere, if it is not a farce of bad taste, if it did not let itself be influenced by the prestige of the uniform, why this sudden haste? She always had the spirit of competition; but to examine things well, we are practically unknown.

Her nipples pointed

Her nipples pointed

Today I would like to tell a story softer than the first two, that I invite you all the same to read and consume. It happened during my second year of second class, five years ago. It was in November, a few weeks ago that I had approached a very pretty girl named Alice.

She was relatively small, with well-proportioned legs, although her thighs were rather broad, her breast firm and her face angely. She used to change her hair and color, her mother being a hairdresser. It matched her crazy temper and made her pretty sexy.

As breaks and hours of depression we spent together we told each other everything. Our classes, our passions, our families, and our stories … She seemed to have a gift for attracting older, mean-spirited boys. Description that had a tendency to match me … I knew it and started to consider a stable relationship. Because it was really worth it and I did not want to compromise our relationship.

One Monday, however, she had not answered my text message to meet at the high school patio. I learned the same evening that the evening she went on the weekend had gone wrong. She had met a guy she met regularly, which she liked, which she spoke to me under the code name of “white scarf”. Threat that I had never considered.

And yet he had seen her, approached, seduced, and once she had drunk too much she let herself be dragged away: He had taken his virginity and was gone again. History hard to swallow for me, even more so for her. Nevertheless after a week and a half she seemed to get better.

Apparently I had a role in the process and she asked me if she could come and spend an afternoon at my house listening to the songs I had produced for my band.

Taking this as an opportunity to get closer, and being more reluctant than before to bed with since his incident, I accepted. It was a Thursday afternoon, almost the weekend, we spent a moment in front of my PC, listening to my songs, talking about my way of working, then we started the visit of the house. She lay on my four-poster double bed, stirring for a moment, but I did not want to see anything there.

Then we went to the cellar, where the sauna (one of the many facilities my parents had invested in) sparked a lot of enthusiasm. She asked me if I knew how to make it work, I answered that yes, it was necessary to take a shower by letting the stones heat in the stove, then pour the water and wait. Noticing his smile and his lack of reaction, I offered him a session.

“With pleasure.”

So we rewarded our showers separately and found ourselves in a towel, in the sauna. I had poured the water once and we were sitting side by side on the first notch. The heat was rising, the needle had to have reached 30 °. Suddenly Alice put her left hand on my right knee. No more doubt possible: She wanted. Was it after what happened with the other guy? How was it going to continue if we fucked together, right now?

Promising to stay with her as much as she needed, even if my feelings (because there were some) were lost on the way. Without thinking, I approached my face with hers. She had given herself the trouble to remix her eyes. The heat and humidity had disintegrated but it made it more sex again.

My head bowed, my lips pressed slowly on hers to open them and my tongue licked slowly. A real kiss. We spent a little time like that, to tame, stopping to look at each other, then continue.

There was a real connection … After that I put my arms around his waist, began to massage his hips. His breathing intensified, it was going to be complicated. How to deal with a girl for whom the only experience was a bad memory?

As if to answer me, Alice removed her towel little by little, letting me admire her pretty little body. I had seen better facts, but our proximity made the scene more powerful than I had lived.

Her nipples pointed, her navel piercing seemed to shine, and her pubis was lightly trimmed with hair. My cock screamed under the desire to go out under my towel, so I decided to do the same. After which Alice began to caress him. The position was not practical, I quickly raised to put his buttocks on my left thigh and so
access her vagina easily.

Leaving in his left hand behind his back, I began to caress the lips of her vagina with the other. As usual I went around in one direction, then the other, varying the speed to surprise her. In order not to rush her.

Andree sucks me before I cum in my pants

Andree sucks me before I cum in my pants

One morning, as I was about to board my car to work, I noticed that my new neighbor, who was just moving out, was staring at me through the window. A handsome man ! About the same age as me. I had already seen this man! He reminds me of someone I knew in high school …

Throughout the day the memory of his face follows me. In the evening, coming home from work, listening only to my courage, I went to the doorbell and brought home a homemade apple pie as a welcome gift! I’m waiting for him to come and answer me. The door opens: A man in a dressing-gown comes to answer me;

– Yes ? He said

– Hello Mr. Pleau! You are our new neighbor so I bring you a nice apple pie!

– Thanks a lot, but you can call me Louis! But come back! Do not stay planted!

I enter the house, I examine the place. I put the apple pie on the table

– Come on! exclaims Louis immediately. Come join me at the salon I made tea!

I join him soon enough thank you! After settling comfortably, Louis asks me:

– Andrée, what are you doing in life?

– I am a nurse ! a very boring job! And you ?

– Oh ! me ! I am only a simple pulmonologist! He said.

– “What a simple pneumologist”! but you save lives Mr. Pleau.

– Exactly, today my patient is dead. She had a nail stuck in her right lungs! I could not do anything.

Suddenly, tears began to flow from her eyes …

– Oh ! Louis! What can I do to relieve you of your pain? I said.

– Take me in your arms, please!

What I did immediately. After about 2 minutes, I feel a hand become embedded in my jeans. I push him away, but he insists. I feel more and more present in my pants! In trying to get up I accidentally press on her sex that I feel hard and firm! Well inflated! As I like them! I can not resist anymore …

– Louis, is that a good idea? We risk seeing us …

– Andree, nothing would be harder than not making love to you here, on this couch, at this moment!

– Ok, but let me go put my pajamas tight! You will not regret it !

Ten minutes later, Andrée returns dressed in tight pajamas that brings out its beautiful shapes! The end of her breasts stand out and captures the attention of Louis. Her buttocks are beautiful!

Just the right form. Louis, suddenly, band as he had never bandaged! Andrée notices it and kneels also over Louis who is lying on the couch and begins to rub his cock through his pants, Louis moans and Andrée rubs faster and faster, because she notices that she finds herself some pleasure !

– Andree sucks me before I cum in my pants !

No sooner said than done, Andree begins to unbutton his pants, which thrills Louis with pleasure. She takes her hard cock from her pants and puts it in her mouth too. She begins to move back and forth, which snatches a long complaint to Louis.

After 10 minutes, Louis raises Andrée’s head and fucks him a little breasts! He puts Andrée on his stomach so he can take off his tight pajamas! He begins by sucking her breasts through his clothes and suddenly he feels a small hot liquid run down his thigh. Andrée wet!

The narrow skirt she wore

The narrow skirt she wore

But while he stared dumbfounded the two globes of flesh that boldly pointed their buds erected flesh, Julien imagined that instead of his wife, was his stepmother. What sight would have given Monique to struggle like that, completely naked, above her lower abdomen? Certainly at fifty-two years old, she certainly possessed a body much more closely wrapped than that of her daughter; however, from what he had been able to judge in the afternoon, Monique still possessed a comely figure.

The narrow skirt she wore, if she drew with extreme precision her shapely hips and adorably rounded rump, did not reveal the least unsightly bulges. As for her bosom, as her bodice might have guessed, she looked aggressive, though Julien thought realistically, the bra was sure to help this provocative posture.
What a sight it must be, to see this busty breasts tossed to the rhythm of the sexual ride. Like many men, Julien had a perverse desire for the heavy and somewhat drooping breasts of mature women.

To rub her vulva and especially her clitoris exacerbated against the prominence formed by the bandaged sex of her husband, had accentuated Germaine desire that tormented. In the depths of her vagina, a fire had sprung up, radiating her bowels, while an abundant flow escaped from her panicked pussy?

However, the sensual friction that she granted herself and which had triggered this tremendous desire in all her body was no longer sufficient; she needed something more concrete ‘She wanted to feel the penis that she perceived against her big sexual lips, to sink inside her pussy, penetrate her vagina deeply.

Then straightening up quickly, she grabbed the belt of the pajama pants that covered the object of his desires, to pull it along the thighs of her husband.
– My God, you’re all wet! She chuckled, aware that she was the author of the moisture that stained the front of the pajamas.
– Whose fault is it ! Julien Plaisanta.

Fastening with longing lust, stiff and swollen, she had just updated, Germaine gently flatted her palm, before grasping it between her fingers to hold it vertically:
– I like when you’re hard like that, she confessed in a voice already hoarse by desire? I feel like I’m going to feast!
– As each time adds Julien.

– That’s right, darling? Are you good at giving me a real pleasure?
While speaking, Germaine had resumed her initial posture, riding over her husband’s lower abdomen. Cleverly she positioned herself so that the big juicy lips of her pussy are placed in front of the dilated glans of the virile member. Then, in a whine of satisfaction, she dropped, impaling himself deeply on the pal of velvety flesh.
– Oh yes, she moaned? It’s good ‘I feel you to the bottom of the belly? Hhuuummm ‘

Perceiving this well-known wet heat, wrap his member like a hot sheath, Julien experienced an incredible pleasure. His penis and the vagina of his wife fit precisely, as if the two organs had been molded relative to each other. The elastic walls of Germaine’s vulva intimately married the smallest contours of her tail, even pressing them.

Suddenly a wave of pleasure ran through her lower abdomen. Germaine had just started one of his caresses which she had the secret, in fact her erotic specialty. At each of their sexual intercourse, it was always the same process. He should have been used to it, however, he still had the same pleasure. Deeply impaled on her tense cock, Germaine completely motionless, he massaged the penis with the help of the muscles of her vagina …

After a long training where he had served as guinea pig, his sensual wife had managed to contract and relax his intimate muscles at will. Under this special and unusual cajolery, Julien had the impression that the sex of his wife pumped him like a greedy mouth. Feeling the vulva hot and terribly wet suck his penis by pressing it, to release it at once gave Julien an extraordinary pleasure.

Germaine had confessed to having learned this process of a Moroccan cons, with whom she had befriended, at a seminar of lawyers:
During an evening when they came to talk about sex and practices that differentiated their country, Amina had told her about that particular caress she had learned from her grandmother herself.

In fact according to Amina it was quite simple, it was enough to compress the muscles of her vagina, as to stop urination, and then release them to continue to urinate? Amina had advised her to train each time she went to urinate so that the walls of her vagina became muscle.

She leaned against the door she had just closed

she leaned against the door she had just closed

The senses and the mind seriously disturbed by what had happened between her and her son-in-law, she leaned against the door she had just closed, deeply troubled. If the libertine behavior of her son-in-law surprised her to the highest degree, the reaction of her senses to the touching touched her surprised even more. How could she have had pleasure under the insidious touch of her daughter’s husband?

Since he had been in the family fifteen years earlier, Julien had always been loving, but always respectful. She herself had, over the years, considered Julien not as a son-in-law, but rather as a son. What had happened so that the day had begun so well; by an uncontrollable outburst of desire, both from his son-in-law and from his own body.

The alcohol they had drunk heavily had to be responsible for the erotic madness that had seized Julien. He had always been a perfect son-in-law. But on his side, how was it that his libido had so easily succumbed to the daring advances of his son-in-law.

The only reason that could explain such a fact was the long sexual abstinence she had imposed since the death of her husband. When he died, she was so disturbed that nothing had mattered to her anymore. She had completely turned back on herself, contenting herself with living from day to day, without any contact with her neighborhood. Her only outings were the pilgrimages she made twice a week to the cemetery where her husband was buried.

It had been going on for three years when she had met Lucienne, a widow like her, whom she met many times in the cemetery; the latter also coming to rest on the grave of her husband. Two years younger, Lucienne, by his gaiety and good humor had won his sympathy. During their meetings, they had become friends. With his natural joviality, Lucienne had advised him.

She had first given up her mourning clothes for more classic and even more sexy outfits. Subjugated by the charisma of her new friend, she had obeyed him in everything. Thus, Lucienne had forced him to go out more often, taking him to the cinema, the theater or the museum? So that in the space of a few weeks she had been completely transformed, and it had been like a rebirth. Happy with this new friendship, she was far from this moment to suspect how far this relationship would lead her.

The two women had become accustomed to receiving more and more often, either to spend an afternoon having tea or for a lunch at the restaurant. But it was during one of these invitations that his sex life was going to be completely metamorphosed.

That had happened a few months earlier: for the third anniversary of the disappearance of her husband? That day, as soon as she woke up, Monique felt overwhelmed by a distressing nostalgia that had disturbed her all morning. Wishing to fight this depression which undermined her, she had decided to appeal to the only person who could understand and comfort her, her friend Lucienne?
Immediately understanding her affliction, at the sound of her voice on the telephone, Lucienne had immediately invited her to join her, to spend the afternoon with her?

When she showed up at her friend’s house, she received him with a lot of kindness. Easily understanding her pain for having herself undergone at one time, Lucienne had been extremely attentive, surrounding her with affection and tenderness. Wrapping around her waist she had accompanied him to the living room, where she had invited him to settle in the deep fabric sofa. Feeling that friendly hand resting on her hip had already comforted Monique, while giving her a strange pleasure.

Lucienne immediately brought an assortment of pastries, including an appetizing Grand-Marnier chocolate cake and a bottle. Comfortably installed, they had done honor to the treats, momentarily forgetting their usual diets. The bottle did not resist a long time to their gluttony?
Reassured and cheerful by this agape, Monique had let go against the soft back of the sofa.

– It’s better ? Lucienne had asked, hugging him with his right arm and carelessly putting his left hand against his stomach.
– Yes, thank you?
– I’m glad you feel better, then approved Lucienne by drawing him against his shoulder? You know that I’m always there, when you have trouble.
– Yes, I know, Monique had mumbled the heart suddenly filled with emotion.

This massage has now taken an erotic turn

This massage has now taken an erotic turn

After a long time, Helene and I decided to join the hammam. As soon as we enter we are enveloped by the steam. We vaguely see other silhouettes but impossible to see other people. Gradually we feel more and more comfortable and forget our nakedness. After ten minutes the atmosphere becomes more and more difficult to breathe, and after a good shower we return to the rest and relaxation area.

After a while we notice that the sauna is empty. We go there immediately. Helen lies on the second level while I sit at his side. After a few minutes we are joined by an older couple and then by a single man. I see very quickly that the two men have their eyes riveted on the body of Helen who closed her eyes. They devour her and mate her without restraint. This is the first time that I find myself in this situation where my wife offers herself completely naked in the eyes of other men.

On the beach or in the street I had already noticed that men are turning on her, but this time I have conflicting feelings. I feel jealous, having no desire that others can admire it. But on the other hand my pride feels valued to have for me a woman that other men desire.

After the sauna, we go directly to the jacuzzi and we are joined quite quickly by the elderly couple. The man then begins the conversation on a few banalities then looking at Helen directly congratulates her for her beauty and tells him:
– Allow me to congratulate you on your beauty. You have a beautiful body extremely well proportioned with a face full of sweetness. In addition you move with elegance and refinement. Are you a model or model?
Helen answers that she is neither one nor the other. She is an artist and works in the dance world!

The man answers him as a photographer and if she wanted to, he would be happy to be able to photograph it and he promised to leave his business card at the reception if she wanted to contact him.
It’s time for us to go to our massage session.

We enter a large room with two mattresses on the floor. There is an atmosphere of great serenity? Some lit candles give a very soft light while soft music and a few sticks of incense end up creating a relaxing atmosphere.
We are introduced to the two masseuses who will take care of us. Two young women like Indian or Indonesian, with long black hair and black eyes. Not very big and pretty thin. They ask us to sit flat on the belly and bare on tatamis.
They then begin a full body massage. Massage with essential oils not starting the feet and slowly going up on the whole body.

As the massage, I let myself completely go and feel all the stress accumulated for many weeks to leave me. I feel good, relaxed, like living on a small cloud in a wonderful world. This massage is gentle, each muscle is cajoled, and gently massaged. I look back at my wife who is now lying on her back. I realize that her masseuse is stripped and I am surprised at its beauty. She is thin with a very nice slender body and a very beautiful chest, not very big but very firm and round.

She spreads the essential oil and dildoing with her whole body, she uses her bust and belly to massage the body of Helen and gradually pass the legs to the belly of Helen. She then grabs her arms that she gently massages and then lie behind the head. She is now positioned above Helen and begins to rub his chest on the breasts of Helen who now kept her eyes closed.

She slowly opens her eyes, turns to me and looks at me as if to make sure I enjoy the scene and make sure she feels good. The show is very sensual, I am particularly troubled to see the contrast of her two bodies rubbing against each other and see my wife surrender to the caresses of another woman.

This massage has now taken an erotic turn because my side my masseuse is also stripped and I feel her bare butt sitting on the bottom of my back. She massages my legs and her movements have become more and more sensual. I feel his naked body lie on my legs and in a movement back his hands slide along my thighs to brush the closer to the slot of my buttocks. The relaxation phase is over and I feel my excitement grow slowly.